SecondaryNet is a comprehensive and proprietary platform which helps to increase liquidity in the secondaries marketplace for a global network of Buyers, Sellers and General Partners.

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Limited Partners

SecondaryNet provides buying and selling LPs with a process for the transfer of fund interests under the guidance of secondaries experts, ensuring LPs are given the optimal tools to conduct a secondary transfer.

SecondaryNet seeks to provide:

  • Asset allocation tool: SecondaryNet brings deal flow from the largest network of sellers giving LPs the ability to actively deploy their capital. They have the opportunity to increase exposure to preferred fund managers and access new funds.
  • Increased deal completion rates: Only committed selling LPs are present on the platform ensuring buyers transact on real and meaningful secondaries deal flow.
  • Greater transparency during the sale process: Selling LPs are empowered through the platform and have increased control through a reliable transaction process.
  • A useful avenue to crystallise value on non-core funds or tail-ends.
  • Increased efficiency: Transaction time and cost is reduced via the automated process offered through the platform.
  • GP pre-approval of transaction participants significantly reduces the chance of deals falling through.

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General Partners

SecondaryNet allows GPs to gain access to LPs that are looking to invest in their funds via a secondary transfer. GPs are also able to network with a universe of LPs that are interested in primary fundraising opportunities.

SecondaryNet provides:

  • Primary fundraising opportunities: GPs can increase their potential investor base by using SecondaryNet’s global network to replace existing LPs and create deep relationships for future fundraising.
  • Full control over confidential fund information: Only qualified LPs are privy to confidential information once NDAs are signed, and GPs can provide consent for relevant participants to be granted access to underlying fund information.
  • Best practice: SecondaryNet allows a superior deal process for LP replacement and selection, significantly reducing time, costs and execution risk.
  • Efficiency: SecondaryNet reduces time wastage as the software systemises the process to allow GPs to focus on their core business.
  • Access to tail end fund purchase specialists, which removes the burden of management and administration.
  • Assistance with fiduciary duty fulfilment: GPs provide their LP base with the ability to replace interests via SecondaryNet.

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